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Country of Origin: Great Britain.

Size: Height: 63 - 67 cm (24.75 - 26.25 inches); Weight: 66-115 pounds (30-52 kg)

Coat: The coat is weather-resistant and rough. All acceptable hound colors are permitted.

Character: This breed is intelligent, affectionate, and lively.

Temperament: Otterhounds are friendly to people, other dogs, household pets, and children.

Care: Clipping is not allowed as it ruins the natural look of the coat. It should be brushed as little as possible.

Training: A soft but consistent approach is necessary when training this breed. Otterhounds are not the most obedient dogs in the world.

Activity: This dog needs plenty of exercise, but because it loves to hunt, it is wise to only let it off the leash in an environment where it can be controlled.

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