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Japanese Chin puppy for sale Puppy #85

Sex: Female
Age: 16 Weeks
Price: $700 USD
Japanese Chin puppy for sale Simba

Sex: Male
Age: 7 Weeks
Price: $1250 USD
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Country of Origin: China.

Size: Height: 20 - 25 cm (7.75 - 9.75 inches); Weight: 4-15 pounds

Coat: Hair is long and soft and should not be curly. Accepted colors are black and white or red and white.

Character: This dog is affectionate, playful, and cheerful. They like to be the center of attention but do not bark often.

Temperament: This breed cannot cope with rough handling by larger dogs or children. Otherwise, it gets along with just about all living creatures.

Care: Regular grooming with a brush and comb (twice a week) is required. To keep the coat white, the dog needs to be washed periodically.

Training: Keep in mind that this dog can have a slight stubbornness. However, there should be no difficulty training it.

Activity: Although this dog enjoys running, romping, and playing, it is well-suited for apartment life.

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