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Japanese Spitz
Japanese Spitz Puppies for Sale
Japanese Spitz puppy for sale Excalibur Js

Sex: N/A
Age: 14 Days
Price: $2200 USD
Japanese Spitz puppy for sale Coco

Sex: Male
Age: 9 Weeks
Price: $800 USD
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Country of Origin: Japan.

Size: Height: 12-15 inches; Weight: 11-20 pounds

Coat: Hair is thick, medium-length with a thick under-layer of straight hair.

Character: This breed is curious and lively, and a good watchdog. It barks infrequently.

Temperament: This breed gets along well with other dogs, as well as children. It will bark when visitors come around.

Care: The coat is self-cleaning. Regular grooming with a brush and comb is required.

Training: Patience, understanding, and consistency are required in training the Finnish Spitz.

Activity: The Finnish Spitz is happiest when it gets plenty of outdoor exercise.

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