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Swedish Vallhund photo gallery...
Swedish Vallhund Photo Gallery...
Swedish Vallhund
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Country of Origin: The Swedish Vallhund originated in Sweden and was brought to Wales by the Vikings in the 800's.

Size: The Swedish Vallhund will reach a height of 12-16 inches (30-40 cm) and will weigh between 25-35 pounds (11-15 kg).

Coat: The Swedish Vallhund has a medium, harsh, tight topcoat with an undercoat that is soft and dense. The colors coe in gray, red-brown, red-yellow or gray-brown.

Character: The Swedish Vallhund is a lively, intelligent breed who is eager to please. The Vallhund tends to be friendly with children and other animals but does need to be properly socialized at an early age. They crave attention and are very affectionate.

Temperament: The Swedish Vallhund is watchful, energetic and alert. They are a fearless breed and are even-tempered.

Care: The Swedish Vallhund does not require a lot of grooming. During their shedding season, they will need to be brushed daily to remove dead hair from the undercoat. Bathe the Vallhund only when necessary. The Vallhund is an average shedder.

Training: The Swedish Vallhund is a herding breed and is relatively easy to train. They do have a tendency to try to herd people by nipping at the individual's heals but with proper training, they can learn to avoid this. The Vallhund is eager to learn and training should be consistent.

Activity: The Swedish Vallhund is an energetic dog who should be taken on a daily walk and given room to run and play. They will do okay living in an apartment provided that they are given plenty of daily exercise. The Vallhund excels at agility events and is an athletic dog.

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