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Valley Bulldog
Valley Bulldog Puppies for Sale
Valley Bulldog puppy for sale Daisy

Sex: Female
Age: 6 Weeks
Price: $2200 USD
Valley Bulldog puppy for sale Diva

Sex: Female
Age: 6 Weeks
Price: $2200 USD
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Country of Origin: The Valley Bulldog originated in the Annapolis Valley, Nova Scotia, Canada

Size: The Valley Bulldog height is between 12-25 inches and the weight will be between 50-85 pounds.

Coat: The Valley Bulldog's coat is smooth, soft and short and can be a variety of brindles, white with brindle or any mixture of brindle, black, white, tan, fawn or red.

Character: The Valley Bulldog loved to be around their human family. They are very intelligent and make excellent watch dogs.

Temperament: When properly socialized, the Valley Bulldog can get along well with other breeds of dogs and both adults and children. They are laid back dogs who can suddenly act silly and playful.

Care: The Valley Bulldog has little grooming requirements. They should be brushed every once in a while and bathed only when needed. They are an average shedder.

Training: The Valley Bulldog is an intelligent dog and are easily trained. They can be stubborn at times and require a dominant owner.

Activity: Daily exercise is needed for the Valley Bulldog. They are an athletic breed. They also love to chew and have strong jaws so tough, durable toys are required.

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