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Welsh Terrier
Welsh Terrier Puppies for Sale
Welsh Terrier puppy for sale Akc Blue

Sex: Male
Age: 5 Weeks
Price: $1350 USD
Welsh Terrier puppy for sale Welsh Terrie

Sex: Male
Age: 19 Days
Price: $0 USD
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Country of Origin: Wales.

Size: Height: 39 cm (15.25 inches); Weight: 20-21 pounds

Coat: Hard, wire-haired, and very thick. Color is usually reddish-brown with black.

Character: The Welsh Terrier is cheerful, easy-going, obedient, and active. It is brave and obedient, bonding closely with its family but being more reserved around strangers.

Temperament: Although less outgoing with people it doesn't know, this breed is patient with children. It will get along fine with cats and other household pets, provided it is socialized early enough.It can sometimes try to dominate other dogs.

Care: Depending on its condition, the coat must be plucked at least two times a year. It needs to be groomed with a brush and comb a few times a week.

Training: This breed is bright enough to learn quickly, yet cunning enough to try to divert you from your intentions. Provide consistency and constant variety during training.

Activity: The Welsh Terrier has a good deal of energy. It loves to play with a ball or go running in the open countryside. However, it will not misbehave on days when you don't have the time to take it out for some exercise.

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