Internet fraud is on the rise, so we've added some tips to help protect yourself when buying online. Arm yourself with information and buy with confidence!

How to protect yourself when buying online:

  1. Email may be the initial form of contact when locating a Breeder through the site. This should not be the only form of contact. Once you have your initial questions answered and feel you want to move forward with the purchase of the puppy, ask for a phone number to talk to the Breeder. If they refuse to give a phone number or they state that their phone is out of service, walk away from the sale.
  2. Avoid sending money through Western Union. There is no way to protect the funds in case a problem of fraud arises.
  3. Every listing on the site will show the location of the Breeder. The location is something that the Breeder designates upon their account creation. If they ask you to send money to another country (i.e. Nigeria, Africa, London, etc.), or even a different state than the one shown on the listings, discontinue the purchase and report them to Puppyfind.
  4. Consider using PayPal or an escrow service when purchasing a puppy.
  5. Ask the Breeder to send additional pictures of the puppy you are interested in. Require a specific item to be in the photo, like a soda can or your name on a piece of paper. If they refuse to send additional pictures or state their camera is broken and are unable to send additional pictures, discontinue the sale.
  6. Once you have determined that the Breeder you have chosen has the puppy you want, ensure that you have a clearly defined contract prior to the purchase of the dog. The contract should specifically state what dog you are going to receive, what registration, if any, you will receive and the timeframe to receive the registration papers, what type of health guarantee comes with the dog and what is the process of reimbursement and/or return if the dog is sick, etc. Most contracts will state that you need to have the pup seen by a vet within a specific timeframe. A clearly defined, signed, contract will protect both the Buyer and the Breeder and will avoid any problems that could arise from miscommunication. If you or the Breeder make an agreement that is not included within the contract, get it in writing.

Please note: does not act as an escrow service. We will not hold funds until you receive a puppy. If any Breeder tells you differently, report them to Puppyfind at staff will not refer you to any specific breeder. If you feel like a Breeder has not upheld their end of the contract, you always have the right to pursue legal action against them. Puppyfind does not offer any guarantees, nor do we pre-screen advertisers on the site. However, if you are unsure about a specific breeder and feel they might be a potential scammer, please feel free to forward us their information and we will investigate.