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Breed: Shorkie Tzu
Sex: Male
Birthdate: 08-12-2016 (17 Weeks)
Champion bloodlines: No
Champion sired: No
Price: $1750 USD  Buyer tips
Shipping area: United States
What's included: Registered/registerable, Current vaccinations, Veterinarian examination, Health certificate, Health guarantee, Pedigree
Additional information: ďHi! My name is Scotty and with my discount makes
me the perfect Christmas Gift! I canít wait to
meet my new family. Now if you want tiny look
no longer I will be about 4.8 lbs as an adult and
Iíll make sure my family is always happy. I also
like to snuggle up next to you for a quiet
nap, especially on those rainy days. I come up to
healthy happy and loaded with puppy kisses. So go
ahead and pick me for a lifetime of puppy kisses
and love. Donít wait!Ē Well he is begging to tell
you why he is the one for you so here he is! I'm
excited to meet you I'm Scotty named after Star
Trek theme. I was born on Aug 12th and ready Oct
7th My Mom Reenee is a beautiful 7.8lb Shorkie and
my dad Max A Million is a gorgeous gold
Yorkie that weighs 6.8 lb making me a sweet CKC
Shorkie. If you pick me I promise not to
disappoint you. Grandma says I am absolutely
adorable and you will just love cuddling and
snuggling me. Grandma also says I have
personality too. All Iím missing is my family, is
it you? Let me convince you how I am the perfect
puppy for you! So here is more about me. I promise
to have a winning personality too. I promise to
mind good and always wanting to please you. She
says I am just so adorable I sure hope you agree.
If you want puppy cuddles and kisses then you want
me! I promise if you pick me I will not disappoint
you. I will do everything I can to make you proud
of me. I love to be carried around and I will even
let you carry me around like a baby. So if you are
looking for the most precious baby boy to love you
then look no further you found me! I promise to
always love you and never hold a grudge. Just look
at face it says I Love You! I promise to be your
dream pup! Some people say grandma pups are more
expensive and as they are if you compare us to a
family who has a litter here and there or from the
puppy mills than yes but if you compare us to
store and some high end breeders than it's still
true sheís not the most expensive out there.
But honestly there is no comparison with the pups
from my grandma. See TLC stands for Tender Loving
Care which every one of us pups get here from
the time we are born. The clients who get her pups
rave over how wonderful we really are and
recommend grandma to everyone they know wanting a
pup! We are more than just a pup we are family
that why we are her grandpups! Grandma raises all
of us in her home we have never seen an outside
kennel so we are use to all the home environmental
sounds and not skittish when we go home hearing
them for the first time. Grandma is also a State
inspected facility and inspected at least two
times a year where they say she has a puppy
daycare and nowhere close to a puppy mill (The
clients that are blessed to be close enough and
come visit with us, say that as well). Grandma
clients are always amazed when arriving saying how
clean looking and smelling everything is. Some
clients even say after reading about her pups they
ask their self is this for real and then come and
say I had to see it for myself it really is real!
We do offer referrals if you want to talk to some
of our clients as they always tell me I can use
them. Grandma takes pride in providing you with
the very best puppy out there it takes lots of
hours but she says we are worth it. My health care
is above what is expected to, my vet is a mobile
vet who comes to me so no chance of catching
anything at a vet office either. At 8 weeks I
leave here with not one Bordetella but two because
grandma says vaccines take 10-14 days to get in my
system and since this is a airborne disease she
wants me protected when I leave here. I also will
have not one but two of my four needed
puppy vaccine and if I am older I get one every
two weeks till my series of four are completed.
But once again grandma goes a step further and she
is one of the few breeders who included Corona
vaccine because it is as bad as parvo if I come in
contact with it. I will receive preventive wormers
every two weeks. Grandma also starts preventive
Parasite preventive this is important because
stress brings coccidiosis parasite making it
active and since she does separation training so
you don't have too she starts that at 5 weeks and
continues every two weeks till we leave. I receive
my first heartworm preventive at 4 weeks and again
from my vet with my health certificate that one is
Revolution which gives me a 30 day protection
against fleas too. Then my grandma will not let us
leave till I get till I am at least 8 weeks and
received my nose to tail vet checked health
certificate which is not the normal health
certificate. See for health certificate most vet
are looking after the breeder checking only the
required items, but grandma vet first comes to her
to protect us then he wants to check everything
requires by law and above that he checks for
hernias, fontanel openings, knees, hips, nose
openings and even my bite. This not only protects
you but no surprises for my grandma as she gives
you a full one year health guarantee against birth
defects which to date she has not had to make good
because he checks us out so good. So see grandma
has done everything you give you the buyer a top
quality pup you will be proud of with health care
and manners so now all Iím missing is my family,
is it you? Hey I am grandma and this sweet puppy
has done a great job telling you about itself. So
as you can see I have smart sweet puppies that are
taught manners and given great healthcare with NO
SHORT CUTS. It is true I take no short cuts on
their health care which is expensive in itself but
a healthy puppy leaving TLC Puppy Love is so
important because a family is opening their heart
and we do not want a heart to be broken so we do
everything humanly possible to make sure that does
not happen. But food is also just important I
cannot tell you how many breeders have told me
about the cheap food out there to save me money.
But I tell them my breeders and my pups deserve
the very best so high quality food is what we give
and yes my food bill is ridiculous but I LOVE
THEM! The food has no red or yellow colorings,
no corn, no wheat, no chicken, but is loaded with
fresh fruits, veggies, chelated minerals,
distilled water and never sold to large chains
that can store in warehouses lessen the value of
your food. Instead we are known at TLC Puppy Love
for our training to get a puppy who does cry and
howl all night from night one. Thatís right it's
unbelievable but our puppies are trained to sleep
through the night by their self so you both make
up smiling in the morning (but you have to follow
the training we started). They also go through
daytime separation where you can put your puppy
in their puppy apt walk all around them where they
patiently wait for you to spend time with them
with no Yapping and barking. See they are
taught barking is rude. Our clients are amazed as
they hold and play with our pups then I say put
them in their apartment and walk away they say it
is amazing the puppy may look at them and then
entertain their self. This does not happen by
itself but this training is the biggest reason for
the price of your puppies. See separation training
requires a lot of time, attention and space. See
most places you go they pick up a puppy from mom
and the litter and off you go then surprise puppy
anxiety begins causing the family to wonder why we
said we want a puppy and sadly sometimes giving
their pet away. Our goal here at TLC Puppy Love is
to provide you with a well mannered forever pet
that will be in your family till they go to
heaven. So we have individual puppy apartments for
all pups that are 5 weeks old and older so when
they leave here being in pen by their self is
normal. We teach them it's time for bed at 10pm
and we still stay up talking laughing and lights
on but they are quiet and behave. There is a potty
tray in their apartment teaching them to use that
at night so you don't have to wake up in the night
taking them out since their bladder is so small
and after weeks you are exhausted. Instead wake up
smiling saying good morning sweet baby! The potty
tray is wonderful as it has a grid to keep them
off urine as it goes under the grid protecting
your baby. We also carry extra puppy apartment and
U Go Potty trays if you want to purchase one
making sure they are in actually the same setup as
here making them think they never left grandma but
just got a new family. We teach you how to further
train your new pup to be loved by everyone showing
you how to make them respect you not to bite on
you with a neat technique, no jumping on you or
bouncing to get out and especially how to continue
the no bark training. Then one of my clients told
me how she uses a desk service bell to start them
with outside potty training as it placed on the
floor and you tap their paw on it each time you go
out. Since our puppies donít bark this is a great
way to have them tell you potty time. We do not
provide that training here because I canít take a
chance for fleas to even start in my home. That
would be a nightmare! Your puppy has had grooming
since two weeks old with hair trimmed weekly
around eyes, hygiene area, nails filed, and then
before leaving given their first to second bath.
This is wonderful because it helps make it easier
for you to keep up on their grooming. There is no
way one person can do all we do here so it takes
family working together and I have the greatest
most understandable family ever! We also take
many pictures for you to view to know we really
have a puppy and know itís not a scam. We open our
home for you to come view the puppy and see where
they come from. If you choose one that is not old
enough to leave yet you can take advantage of our
weekly visitation with your puppy which is a
great bonding time. I do not know another breeder
who does this because it is time consuming but
once again this is one of our perks making our
puppies the best choice for your family. When
picking up your puppy we don't meet you on a
roadside somewhere, instead we are proud of where
our puppies come from and have you come to us. But
with that said we have many clients who are out of
state and too far to drive to visit we offer a
weekly 10 minute live video session with your
puppy using Skype, Tango or Facetime. Or if you
are trying to decide on take advantage of our
video session as well I would love to showcase
puppies for you! If we are still too far away
to travel to pick up your bundle of love we fly
Delta puppy first class which is excellent care
for your puppy and to date all my clients tell me
puppy gets out tail wagging and giving puppy
kisses. It is the best travel if I have to fly a
puppy as they are kept in a special compartment
that is climate controlled. Cost range between
350-450 all depending on breed and temperatures,
that is an additional cost and I have referral if
you need to talk to clients to see how well
adjusted the puppy arrived. But one stipulation
you must call me immediately after opening their
crate so I know our puppy arrived happy. I have
tried to think of everything to make my adoption
process an enjoyable process for both of us. I
started calling myself grandma because when they
leave here they have new parents. I love each one
of these puppies that I have been blessed to hand
deliver and take care of till they go to their
forever home. Their mom and dadís are so precious
to me. I treat each of them as my children. My
adult dog are also so important to me they do not
put their feet on the ground because
being breeders I donít want them get flea and
spread to their babies and my other dogs. But they
do go outside on a wood deck above ground that
gives them sunshine and playtime 5 times a day.
They have skylights to also allow natural sunlight
as this is vitamins for my adult dogs.Mom is given
a special diet during her pregnancy including
Vitamin C , E, AND YOGURT. She stays close to me
the last 2 weeks and sleeps in my room so I know
if she starts in labor. This is the best part of
my job I love the birthing process. When mom is in
Hard labor she sits on my lap and I hand
deliver each pup, cut the bag open, clamp and cut
the cord, then clean the puppy up. This way it
saves mom so much energy of doing all this so she
has more energy to take care of her newborn
puppies. Within an hour the dew claws are removed
so the nerve endings are not all connected making
this less painful on the puppy. We also dock the
within an hour if they need to be docked. Then I
keep mom close for the first week to make sure
they are nursing I try everything I can to make
sure mom keeps 100% of her litter. Bedding is
washed daily water cleaned three times a day and
food kept out all day till puppies leave so mom
and puppies has plenty of food. As this sweet
puppy mentioned above we do a series of training
to prepare your puppy for your home and if you
follow through with everything we have started
then the transition will be one of the smoothest
you will ever experience As this sweet puppy
explained each training process above a recap is I
will train them separation training am and pm,
potty tray training, no bark and wanting my way
training. We also sell the playpens and potty
trays if you want to keep them using the same
thing this really helps with their transition to
your home. Itís like taking their home with them
only the people have changed. We also give
visitation visit if you want to take advantage of
this, as it helps with bonding for each of
you till time for them to go home. We also take
pictures every 7-10 days to keep you updated with
your puppiesí growth. We send you an
information letter to help you prepare of your
bundle of love. We teach them to stay on a harness
and leash beside you and not to bite and nibble.
Of course the biggest thing we teach them is love
everyone and other family pets you have in your
home. We have many clients who buy a second puppy
for their pet and a lot of our clients are coming
back for their second puppy from us or buying two
at the same time. If you live to far away enjoy
your updated pictures but also take advantage of
10 minute sessions once a week with your darling
using Skype, Face Time or Tango. We do everything
we can to give you a loving social puppy so just
ask yourself are you ready for a puppy? Itís not
fair to a puppy to take them in a home and give
them when the puppy stage is over So consider this
adoption process as a human adoption itís for
their lifetime. That brings me to a question so
many ask the life expectancy. If kept on all
natural food, kept inside and absolutely no table
food unless itís all natural not cooked like
fresh carrots, beans, and all kinds of fruits,
life expectancy should be 18-21 years. Your baby
comes to you with CKC Papers, pedigree papers to
see no inner breeding, dew claws removed, tail may
be docked, all the training described above,
health certificate, 2 sets of puppy shots, 2 sets
of Bordetella, puppy worming, heartworm treatment,
Coccidian treatment, Revolution Flea & Heartworm
treatment, grooming includes hygiene area, eyes,
under paws, Ears plucked and cleaned, nails
clipped, shampoo and a wonderful berry cologne.
Saving you time running to the groomer when
you get your little darling. We also accept all
major credit cards and pay pal for a little extra
or you can choose our cash discount. Now letís
talk about this breed to make sure this is the
breed that best fits your family. So why should
you want Shorkipoo, I will tell you a little about
this breed the Shorkie. The three breeds are great
combinations as the Yorkie is the top third of
dogs for their intelligence making this a very
trainable breed, eager to please, but if they can
make you mind them they will love it so itís
important to continue our training; teaching them
you are the boss! The Shih Tzu is the breed that
follows you around stops when you stop very easy
going and loves to be carried around.Shih Tzu are
the closest to a toddler for the way they can
allow you to carry them around wrapping their paws
around you like a human.The Shorkie is a perfect
size for apartment or condo living. But the best
is their Hypoallergenic and non-shedding. More
importantly they love to be a lap dog so if you
want a puppy to cuddle and love look no further
Shorkipoo is for you! Of course every Shorkipoo
has a playful side to them as well, It is
important to continue socializing with children,
friends, animals. This breed is also easy to
travel with. As much as people love the Shorkie
breed it seems many people ask me all the time
which is better a male or female. This has to
be your decision but this is what I know the
difference is. People love females because they
can dress them up put bows in their hair and if
you have a little girl they love to paint their
nails. Other people love males for many reasons
first off they are more laid back and more
lovable. That is probably because the female has
to have more energy to take care of her litters.
And when itís time to get them fixed Neutering is
less expensive and is an easier surgery with a
faster recovery time. So you have to decide what
fits your home the best and then choose the
gender. Either way you canít lose because they are
both very lovable! With that being said
this adorable female Shorkie pup would love to
make you or one of your family members the perfect
family member ever! So what are you waiting put
your $200 non-refundable deposit on this sweet
male puppy Reg $4000 Special Cash Price $2500 BUT
advantage of paypal credit or any major credit
card for $1825 Donít wait to longer as this cutie
may get away Call or Text Stacy Today 904-861-7877
and say I want Scotty

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