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Breed: Havanese
Sex: Male
Birthdate: 10-27-2016 (6 Weeks)
Champion bloodlines: No
Champion sired: No
Price: $1750 USD  Buyer tips
Shipping area: United States
What's included: Registered/registerable, Current vaccinations, Veterinarian examination, Health certificate, Health guarantee, Pedigree
Additional information: Nicholas is ready to steal your heart and make you
his best friend! This darling boy is full of love
and fun, and he has such a great,
well-balanced personality! He loves to give kisses
and will never turn down some sweet cuddles. At
the same time, he also thoroughly loves his
playtime and can always be found with a toy
nearby! He comes well socialized and adores people
of all ages! He will make the best Christmas gift
under the tree! So come on make someone have the
best Christmas ever as he is available Dec 22nd.
He is HavaShu (that is a Havanese & Shih Tzu mix)
he is toy size so estimated adult weight is 8lbs
unlike regular Havanese that weigh 18-22 lbs He is
the cutest baby boy who is ready to steal your
heart for Christmas Morning! Well Nick is Begging
me to tell you why he is the one for you. Hello
their I'm so glad to meet you and excited to tell
you what grandma does and why I am the puppy for
you. I'm a first generation Havashu, that is
gorgeous white sable chocolate chocolate color. I
am known as hypo-allergenic and no- shedding. You
will love the fact you donít have to wear dog
hair. I am already dreaming about our life
together and how I will cover you with puppy
kisses! I know I'm young but I promise to always
love you. I was born on Oct 27th and will be ready
to join your family Dec 22nd My mommy Hannah is 10
lbs Havanese and a first time mommy and my
daddy Gizzy is 8 lb Shih Tzu so I will be between
8-10 lbs. I am playful but love to be a lap baby
too! Well since grandma has entrusted me telling
you why I am the one for you let me tell you how
she does things her to prepare us for the
transition from here to you. First off I am not a
puppy mill puppy but a puppy that has started off
with the best love ever. See the first touch I
ever felt was human hands as my grandma hands
delivered me. That s right my mommy sat on her lap
as grandma delivered me, cut open my bag clamped
my cord, clean me up and the first kiss was from
grandma then she handed me over to my mommy and
helped me nurse so I could be strong and healthy
just for you. How can I not love humans with such
a great start in life? Every day from then I am
held by family members being cuddled, kissed, and
just loved on, so I think humans are great. I have
never been in an outside kennel; all I know is the
loving home life which prepares me for your home.
I am use to all the environment sounds of a busy
home such as phones, radios and tv playing. See
kennel pups cannot help but go hide because never
hearing all those sounds can be overwhelming but
not for me. I never go outside and take a chance
of getting fleas and worms but I do get to enjoy
plenty of sunshine as my grandma has sunlight all
in her home. Grandma keeps everything clean and
smelling good. When her clients come most people
cannot believe she has all of us in her house by
how clean and the way it smells. You may be saying
but I see puppies cheaper why do I want to pay
that much for a puppy? I will tell you why TLC
Puppy Love is the place for a puppy and I am a
great price for you to get (Remember cheaper is
not always better and may even be a scam). First
not only are we home raised and hand delivered by
my mid-woof grandma, we also get the very best
care from healthcare, food and training you could
ever get. Let me explain the stages I will go
through and I think you will agree I am worth it
and so much more. #1 my Healthcare- I come to you
as a healthy puppy because grandma takes no
shortcuts with us. My health care starts at
2 weeks when I get wormed and every two weeks
until I leave Unlike most breeders grandma gives
me a Bordetella vaccine at 3 weeks and
vaccine against parvo and distemper at 4 weeks
then at 5 weeks starts me on parasite preventive,
and if youíre lucky most breeders will also do the
6 weeks vaccine. I also get puppy vaccine At 8 wks
when my vet comes to see me so I donít come in
contact with any sickness from a doctor office.
My vet then gives a nose to tail check up where he
documents and findings me strong and healthy. This
way there is no surprises that are not normal
as everything would be documented, which is why
grandma feels comfortable giving you a full one
year health guarantee. Then my vet gives me
a flotation fecal to make sure I donít have any
worms or parasite after which he gives me a
wormer. He also gives me my second 5 in one puppy
vaccine and 2nd Bordetella and applies Revolution
to give me a 30 day protection against fleas and
heartworm, and then I end my visitation with a
health certificate SIGNED BY MY VET TO GIVE YOU
recommend never buying a puppy from someone that
will not pay for a health certificate you may only
have heartache in your future. #2 my puppy food is
all natural foods tiny bite size. You must know my
grandma spares no expense with my food either. It
has no food coloring, no additives, grain or
by-products it is the only food we know of that
has Pro-biotic and Pre-biotic in it machining me a
healthy strong immune system, which I start eating
at 3 weeks old. Also to make sure we are getting
enough nutrition grandma gives me 3cc of chicken
rice baby food morning and night I love the
special attention as she hand feeds that to me. My
water is made with apple cider vinegar to keep my
kidneys flush and grandma will tell you how to
make it when I go home with you. And when I
am older grandma tells you about the fresh fruits
and vegetables for my treats it is better than any
store bought treats on the market and healthy for
us puppies. #3 My Training is what my grandma is
known for and why she sells so many puppies. Her
clients tell everyone about her; about 80% of
her clients are referred to her as word of mouth
from happy clients. Itís not that other breeders
donít want to do what my grandma does it just
they donít have the time or place to do it. So you
may say what training? We are taught barking is
rude, and separation training is not a scary thing
the separation training is what is the most time
consuming and takes the space. Grandma starts at 5
weeks putting us 2X2 for limited time and then we
sleep that way then at 6 weeks we go solo and
thatís the week grandma gets to hear us cry so
when we go home with you donít hear us. Thatís
right we sleep from the first night so we both
wake up smiling in the morning. By the time we go
home you can walk all around our playpen as we
wait patiently for you to take us and spend time
with us. See most breeders leave us all together
that is only one pen and dishes to clean but
grandma just added work for every pup she
separates making so many extra pens, bedding and
dishes to clean. She just multiplied her workload
to make my transition from grandma to you as easy
as 1, 2, and 3. So we go in a playpen by our self.
We also taught from 3 weeks old to use a U Go
Dog potty tray which is great because our urine
goes under the grid making me never walk in urine
grandma says it truly is the best tray on the
market today. This helps prepare me for when you
take me outside to potty and grandma teaches you
extra things for me going home such as hands
free training with a harness and leash so I learn
come sit stay, no drop it faster. Also how to bell
train me for potty time outside. Remember when
you get me I will have started my training and
learning to obey humans voices but as a human
toddler you must continue what grandma has
started. #4 Customer Service for the life of your
puppy. Thatís right once the sell is completed she
doesnít disappear but she is here for any
questions and she love updates and pictures of us
in our new home. That is what makes it easier for
her letting us go and to continue doing this. #5
you know there really is a puppy not scam because
my Grandma opens her home and allows you weekly
visitation which is a great bonding time for us.
For out of town clients she offers a 10 minute
weekly video stream using face time, skype or
tango so you can see us in real time. This also
sets you at ease knowing this is not a scam since
you see your baby not just pictures. But
grandma does take pictures every 7-14 days some
weeks are challenging and may have to go to the
14th day. They are updated on her website as well
in my baby album for you to view and enjoy. If
have to wonder why would a breeder not welcome you
to see where the puppy was raised: is it because
the environment is not clean, is it a puppy mill
or even a scam? Just know my grandma is a state
inspected facility and has always received
glowing reports. But to come visit at her house be
warned you step the bottom of your shoe into a
solution to make sure you are not bringing in any
germs, then you use hand sanitizer and then you
robe up as if you were going into the hospital.
She takes all the pre-caution to protect each of
us. She even asks you to please refrain from
wearing perfumes and cologne on your visitation
day so we donít digest any chemicals from sharing
puppy kisses with you. #6 Grandma sets you at ease
knowing you are dealing with a true breeder and
not a scam artist who is out to steal your hard
earned money. She accepts deposits by phone with
any major credit card or PayPal payments using her
email address. This sets your mind at ease because
if she was fraudulent you can easily get your
money back unlike people who make you use Western
Union and Wal-Mart payments. Beware of these
transaction most are scam and you cannot recover
your money. She does everything she can to show
you that you have a liable breeder who really has
a puppy. #7 Grandma makes sure our dew claws are
removed (This is the thumb nail that gets caught
on sweaters etc) It can be painful and better off
without it. Grandma really doesnít understand why
breeders leave the dew-claw on small breeds. Also
if the breed requires it she docks the tail and if
it is ok either way she does both for the litter.
#8 Grandma does weekly grooming getting us use to
the grooming process making it easy for you to
continue or for us to be graded A+ from your
groomer. Our weekly grooming is trimming the hair
around our eyes bottom of paws and hygiene area.
Our nails are filed getting us use to the noise
and vibration, Plucking hair from our ears then
when we go home she does all this again along with
a bath and a wonderful fragrance (unless you are
sensitive to smells) This allows you take us home
and enjoy us instead of grooming us once you
get home saving you time and money. You may say
thatís normal well you havenít talked to people
who said they picked up their puppy and it took 5
bathes to get the smell from them. #9 If you are
long distance we do use Delta puppy first class
flights which is the newest fleet that offers
temperature control for us to travel comfortably
to you. This is the only way she will fly a puppy
because our welfare is the most important to
grandma and usually runs between $350-$450. (Her
first year she wouldnít fly a puppy so now she
will but you have to call her with an update from
the airport once to open the crate) We always come
out with tails wagging and giving puppy kisses.
That may be part of our separation training
helping us with the flight. #10 we all come from
love and a great home where the family is
all involved and work together. They all
understand grandmaís devotion to us and how she
may miss a actively or even lose sleep from
staying up all night because sheís our mid-woof
and loves delivering a litter of pups. But they
understand we need her and she is working with us
about 18 hours a day but daily she tells us ďI
love you and you are worth itĒ. Where else can you
find such love for a puppy first start? #11
Grandma breeds the purebred breeds as well as
designer pups. All of us are hypo-allergenic
and non-shedding as my grandma is highly allergic
to dogs so we are the only breeds she can have in
her home. She will work with you to make sure
you leave with the perfect breed for your family
#12 People asks what the best gender is for me. I
hear her tell them ďThis has to be your decision
but this is what I know the difference is. People
love females because they can dress them up put
bows in their hair and if you have a little girl
they love to paint their nails. Other people love
males for many reasons first off they are more
laid back and more lovable. That is probably
because the female has to have more energy to take
care of her litters. And when itís time to get
them fixed Neutering is less expensive and is an
easier surgery with a faster recovery time. So you
have to decide what fits your home the best and
then choose the gender. Either way you will have a
wonderful puppy because they are both very lovable
and had a great first startĒ! #13 Grandmas gladly
offers referral from clients as well as ones that
pups flew to them. She also has a testimonial page
on her web for you to read. Just let her know if
you want the referrals. #14 Not only are us
puppies important to grandma and well taken care
of so are all her adult dogs our parents. They are
given even a better food that is holistic food and
mom who are about to deliver even sleep by grandma
bed to make sure she is there when the big moment
happens. Anybody who talks on the phone or
meets my grandma in person feel connected and can
sense her love for all of us. This is not a job
but she says it is a gift that God has blessed her
to enjoy. After who cannot love us furry babies?
#15 So a quick breakdown what all I come with Lots
of love and puppy kisses to share, Dew claws
removed and docked tail if breed has one. Healthy
start with 3 puppy vaccines, 2 bordetella
vaccines, 4 wormers , 4 parasite preventives,
revolution treatment for fleas and heartworm,
health certificate from a nose to tail vet check.
CKC Registrations papers, Good Manner Training
started so no barking, no separation training, no
night crying and yes to using a potty tray.
Getting them use to grooming habits on a weekly
basis. Good head start by being on the best food
on the todayís market. People when trying to
decide on a breed also want to know which gender
is the best choice and that is one thing I always
tell my clients that has to be your decision. I do
have clients tell me and I have witnessed it as
well the males are calmer and more lovable. If you
are going to neuter them the fee is
less expensive, surgery less invasive and recovery
is quicker. The females have more energy I believe
that is because if they were to have puppies
they needed the extra energy to care for them. The
surgery is a little longer recovery time and more
expensive ( of course if you take advantage
of Petsmart wellness plan the surgery for either
is included) Now letís learn more about my breed
to make sure I am the perfect puppy for you! So
why should you want a Havashu I will tell you a
little about the Havashu breed. They are a perfect
size for apartment or condo living.
Hypo-allergenic and non-shedding. More importantly
they love to be a lap dog so if you want a puppy
to cuddle and love look no further Havashu is for
you! Havashu is a designer breed of two great dogs
so much alike each other of the Shih Tzu and
Havanese breed. The Shih Tzu are laid back very
eager to please. Shih Tzu is the loyal one that
will follow you around anywhere and wait patiently
for you to love on them. They also love to be
carried around like a toddler and know how snuggle
on in like no other dog does! The Havanese is just
like the Shih Tzu both are called the velcro dog
because they love to stick close. Havanese is the
brains of this breed. Did you know they were the
circus dog in Turkey like poodle are in the USA
because of their ability to learn quickly. It is
important to continue to socializing
with children, friends, animals and travel is
important for this breed. People ask all the time
which is better a male or female. This has to be
your decision but this is what I know the
difference is. People love females because they
can dress them up put bows in their hair and if
you have a little girl they love to paint their
nails. Other people love males for many reasons
first off they are more laid back and more
lovable. That is probably because the female has
to have more energy to take care of her litters.
And when itís time to get them fixed Neutering is
less expensive and is an easier surgery with a
faster recovery time. So you have to decide what
fits your home the best and then choose the
gender. Either way youíre a winner because they
are both very lovable! With that said this is
a gorgeous Havashu pup and it would love to make
you or one of your family members the perfect
family member ever! So what are you waiting for
put your $200 non-refundable deposit on this sweet
puppy to hold them Reg $4000 Cash Special $2000
Credit Card Special $1750 But we also have some
clients who like to use paypal credit with 6
months to pay with no interest the cost is $1825
Just Call or Text Stacy 904-861-PUPS Just say I
want Havashu Nick

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